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Nov 10, 2009 using slabsmith software to layout exotic granite countertops. Our gallery of installed projects to inspire your design. Virtual granite kitchen is a good tool to help your customers to make a satisfactory decision before they chose the right granite color. If a digital layout isnt available, then you can meet with the fabricator and they can show you the countertop template on your selected slab s and move the countertop template around as you see fit. I price the slab, plus labor, when it comes to estone, or granite. Even small variations in color can be seen during the layout process when properly calibrated. Crystallyne enterprises countertop quoting and drawing software. The best software for countertop fabricators for estimating, quotes, scheduling, inventory and reporting. Slabsmith digital slabs are true to life in both color and dimension and contain all relevant properties of the original slab. When it comes to commercial stone projects, measure square has what you need. When customers are shopping for granite counter tops, one of the most important aspects your customers will consider, is how their invested money will look in one of the busiest rooms of their homes. Slabsmith uses these digital slabs to provide benefits and advantages that include inventory management, 3d visual layout, sales and marketing tools, streamlined manufacturing, and targeted business decisions. Countergo only works for quoting laminate surfaces when quoting is done by square footage or by the sheet.

Layout granite countertops on slabs with countergo. Coupled with baca systems vein match software, we can overlay our customers dxf file on slab photos and then create a complete rendered image layout of your countertop for final approval. Remnantswap is a free place to buy and sell granite remnants with fabricators near you. Simple integration avoid doubleentry by exporting directly to quickbooks, jobtracker. Estimate how many slabs youll need for the quote in slab view, or use quickquotes slab layout to arrange the parts on slabs yourself for a more precise count. Quote the job, pull a slab from inventory, layout your countertops on the slab, and schedule everything from fabrication to installation all in the same program. Choose the layout that most resembles your kitchen. Color accuracy slabsmith assures that the color of the slab is accurate and consistent from slab to slab.

Healthsmart granite cutting board with rounded corners, durable professionalgrade kitchen accessory, 11 x 8. Slab layout offers the opportunity to capture precise, fullycalibrated images of your stone slabs in high resolution. Free granite inventory spreadsheet and toolkit moraware. Digital slab station capture precise, fullycalibrated images of your stone slabs in high resolution on the all in one pathfinder digital imaging workstation. Jan 06, 2017 kubix, the stateoftheart software and mobile solutions for the natural stone industry like granite, marble, sandstone, monuments and others since 2003. Granite measuringlayout accessories smithy automate cnc. Moraware might be the best comprimise, leaving the drawing out of it.

You can configure the layout of your own kitchen countertop following a few simple steps and adapting its shape and position of the sink you choose. Estimating software for countertop fabricators moraware. Feb 05, 2009 a first look at slabsmiths perfect match module for stone slab layout. Digital countertop slab layout international granite and. Whether you fabricate laminate, solid surface, wood, granite, or engineered. Crystallynes quickquote countertop estimating and drawing software for. Pricing actionflow countertop fabrication software. This is a short video that shows an actual kitchen being laid out for a customer. Then, select countertop stone type and colors, edge treatments, backsplashes, cabinetry styles and colors. Granite we continue to invest in the latest technology from digital templating systems to slab photo layout software and a full line of cnc manufacturing equipment to insure consistent quality and unmatched turnaround time. A general overview video for the quickquote countertop estimating and drawing software. The layouts can even pull from an inventory list of slabs and remnants, complete with pictures. Digital countertop slab layout international granite and stone.

Get quoting in minutes with quickquotes simple, intuitive interface that automatically creates a shopquality drawing side by side with every quote. Actionflow prompts each employee with each task for every job, so that tasks are completed consistently and on time. It demonstrates some of the great features available. Actionflow has significantly increased our efficiency and greatly improved our customer service, making a crucial contribution to the growth of titan granite. Countergo is countertop drawing, layout, and estimating software. Virtual countertopkitchen designer bobs granite place. Measure each side of the countertop area and enter the number in inches. Use our innovative 360 visualizer tool to digitally customize your cabinetry, walls, floors, and more. These images are stored in the slab inventory and are also used for slab layout enabling customers to see their countertop, in 3d, before any stone processing has begun.

Jobtracker is scheduling software that helps you eliminate the time you waste looking for job folders. Design your kitchens from countertops, to backsplashes and more. Show both to the customer, with each appropriately priced, and let the customer decide. Digital countertop slab layout is an optional, but important design service we offer here at international granite and stone. Countergo makes it easy to layout a countertop on actual slab sizes, even remnants. Using slabsmith software to lay out an exotic granite kitchen duration. Click here to enlarge the countertop layout example. Packed with automation and simple to use, train, and implement, icdcloud is a platform of preference for mission critical processes. Just image how efficient your operations will become and the increase in customer satisfaction you will achieve. Quickquote countertop software features easy quoting, automated drawings, customizable pricing, professional printouts, slab layouts, scheduling, and. Currently our software is considered the best and most complete online inventory system for stones in the world market. They very often decide on the beautiful more expensive layout. Then, select countertop stone type and colors, edge treatments, backsplashes, cabinetry styles and colors, and more to plan out your dream kitchen. Oct 06, 2015 certain stones have significant movement and features that allow different looks for a job, based on how we layout the pieces.

Whether you fabricate laminate, solid surface, wood, granite, or engineered stone, quickquote countertop estimating software can save you time, eliminate errors, and entice new customers with faster, easier countertop quoting and drawing. The technology allows the customer to actually see their kitchen. In most cases, there is not an extra charge for the digital countertop layouts. Using the powerful slabsmith software, the pathfinder captures precise, fullycalibrated images in high resolution. They can be added in batches, have images set for them, and can be assigned to quotes via the slab layout feature. In addition, you can print labels for them with code 128 barcodes or qr codes on them. The slab inventory in quickquote gives you a place to keep and maintain a list of the slabs and remnant pieces you have on hand. In addition to being customizable, bella granite installation software is 100% webbased and therefore accessible from any laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Virtual granite kitchen virtual kitchen granite countertops. The premier countertops is built as a handy and interactive tool that allows users with no experience to draw and design a. Using slabsmith software to layout exotic granite countertops. In 2011, granite began development on icdcloud which allows companies to manage their processes and documents creating a truly paperless environment. Slab layout tools for commercial stone projects with. Slab layout tools for commercial stone projects with measuresquare stone web edition. Since implementing action flow, we have seen drastic increases. Our photo station is set up to calibrate each photo for size and color accuracy of each slab to create the best picture possible. Easily generate a project estimate by inputting your countertop dimensions into our easytouse quote tool. Adding slab pictures to countergo drawings and quotes. Add countertop seams, move the pieces and rotate them to ensure theyll fit. One layout that produces a good yield and another that may use another full slab, but is exceptionally beautiful.

May 18, 2015 at moraware, we make software for countertop fabricators. Feb 28, 2012 download premier countertops an easytouse countertop estimator. Our tradition of producing the most beautiful design while minimizing seams, optimizes the use of your slab, and our designs have kept customers returning for 15 years. Qsc has a digital library of the slab being fabricated. We do this by producing an incredibly accurate digital layout that blends the digital template with the physical slab showing you in. Our erp solution works with you to manage all aspects of your business. Then select wall, edge, or appliance to define the treatment for each edge of the countertop. At pavimento we use topoftheline equipment and software to give you an accurate picture of what your final installation will look like before any slab is actually cut.

Trying to determine if a counter layout requires 2 or 3 slabs. Opus integrated systems stone slab industry erp software. When it comes to commercial stone projects, measure square has. Stone profit systems is the leading provider of user friendly allinone software for the natural stone, quartz, tile and solid surface industries.

Step 2 of 4 please enter the measurements of your countertop in inches measure each side of the countertop area and enter the number in inches. Quickquote features quickquote countertop software. Quality stone concepts pathfinder with slabsmith quality. Quickquote countertops quickquote countertop software. One of our cad artists will convert your initial drawings from template to a digital drawing file. Upload a photo of your kitchen or bathroom to the colortipster tool to match your existing schemes with our extensive stone inventory. A first look at slabsmiths perfect match module for stone slab layout. Is there a software that, similar to a cad program, automatically figures square footage, with easy price changinf functions. You can zoom in and out, pan side to side and up and down. Slabsmiths color reproduction allows you to see the subtlest of color variations at seams even when used with uniform colored quartz products. Subscription options simple pricing without contracts. Digital countertop slab layout is an optional, but important design service we offer here at. We are the pioneers in the market and we are constantly updating our technology in order to always look for better solutions and ways to improve the current way of selling marble and granite worldwide. Our measure square commercial stone web edition allows you to create and manage stone layout projects, set values such as saw width, cut direction and cut leveltimes, create and edit material and products, automatically calculate usage and display layout result saving you valuable time.

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